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In-House Voice Portals and Program Sites

Voice Internets Consumer Advertisng programs will promote our 800-555-5555 branded number and website as a public Voice Portal to use CallWords and make free calls.  Voice Search, Active Web Radio Shows and Host Guided Browsing Programs will also be promoted on the same portal.  All of our various programs will be promoting our advertisers directories.

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AdPool Partner Publisher Sites

The ADPool provides a performance based affiliate marketing program to many 3rd parties who wish to generat revenues by promoting our Advertisers. This means that your listing will appear in many different websites and will reach a diverse audience of potential customers.


With this program, you do not pay for results until you get results and the promoters do not get paid until thier promotions pay off for you.


The following are examples of the kind of  websites your ad listing may appear in.

Say Vogue is a fashion oriented promotion site that is focused on trendy clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, lingerie and other fashion accessories.


Celebrity and Radio Hosts Sites

We are engaged in discussions with well knows celebrity personalities, actors and actresses radio hosts, muscians, sports celebrities and more. We offer them a program to monitize thier celebrity by endorsing products they like and making referrals to our direcotres.


Public Radio

Public Radio reaches mllions of listeners every day. but they are prohibited from advertising but they are allowed to promote thier own off air-resources.  With the ecomony in the state that it is in, they are seeking ways to bring in needed revenues and these internet based directories provide them with an excellent vehicle. Your business could be included in this massive media promotion.


Non Profit Organizations

There are thousand of non-profit organizations, all of who have a substantial base of supporters and followers. But many of these supporters don't or can't make monthy contributions.  Now the non profits can earn revenue by promoting offers and deals

from supporting merchants. It provides a win win scenarion for everyone.

Local Churches and Schools

Church giving has reached an all time low as the economy has taken a bite out of everyone. Public School budgets have been slashed. Now, instead of asking for donations and increased taxes, Churches and schools can offer thier constituents valuable offers from local merchants and earn money by supporting local business.