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About Voice Portals

Voice portal are places where you can connect and talk to the Inernet. We have deployed many such voice portals in different forms to be used from just about anywhere. Just find a voice portal and say a CallWord to get connected.

Call it from any phone!

Now everyone has the

best phone Number!


We needed the best phone number ever for people to access CallWords. It had to be easy to remember and easy to dial. We spent over six years fighting with all the big phone companies to get what we wanted. But finally, we got what we went after….the best phone number ever:  800-555-5555.

This is not just our phone number, because we're sharing it with everyone, including you!  So anyone can dial it and say your CallWord to reach you. And you can say anyone else's CallWord to reach them. Isn't that cool!


We've built CallWords apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows based phones.    Just tap the app, say a CallWord and get connected!


Plus, we're going to make CallWords work as a VoIP application so anyone can make free calls from their smartphones as well.


And If you have a CallWord, you also can use the app to manage which phone numbers your calls will go to.

CallWords are Available

using Smartphone Applications


Free Voice Browser App!

MakeVoice Activated Calls to anywhere in the world


This toolbar installs a Skype-like application onto your computer which provides free computer-to-computer phone calls and really low-cost outbound calls to anywhere and everywhere else. It provides users with these incredible benefits: