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Web Voice Browser Access

How ADPool Works


This is our Voice Browser tab.  You can currently find it at and on all of our other Voice Interet websites.  We will also be offering our voice browser tab to all of our affiliate marketing partners to include on thier websites as well.


The result will be millions of viewers who will all be exposed to our consumer programs


The Voice Browser offers access to a Voice over IP telephony platrform from computers.

This allows viewers to use CallWords to place calls, or to access Voice Search and Host Guided browsing programs


Business Profile Creator

Multiple Promotion Types

Campaign Management

Get Listed in 100's of sites

Voice Search/Host Browsing

CallWords and Internet Phone Calls

List View Search Results

Our CallWords and Internet phone call utility will give our viewers the ability to place free or low cost internet calls.  That mean that whenever theyt want to use CallWords or make a call, they will be visiting our Voice Portal.

Map View Search Results

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To search for something

just say "Voice Search"

Our Voice search utility allows views to search for Restaurants, Entertainment,  Home or business services and more just by talking.  The results are displayed using our advertiser profiles.  It's a unique service that's very different than the big search engines. It's fun to use and delivers a rich multi-media result instead of a website. And the only way you can be included in the results is to post a listing for yoiur business or services.

Host guided browsing is a whole new way to experience the internet. Users choose the host they want and start interacting with thier voice.


They will then be introduced to the hosts  favorite sites. There's nothing better that a radio host or an expert to bring traffic to your site and endorse your product. They can even  convert a view into a sale for you.


Say "Host Browsing" for an adventure with a radio host or an expert guide.

Searching the Voice Internet with your voice can safely be done even while driving.


Users can initiate a search of a resource or a deal and get real time recorded results back.

They simply listen and have a dialogue with the Voice Internet about what they want.


They can even make a purchase of a coupon or a product without needing to access ther credit card.  So be included in Drive time marketing and talk to a captive audience,


Voice Browser access on the phone.