Our phone-system-in-the-cloud application suite

offers you the freedom and flexibility you need to simplify all your business communications needs.


These affordable, telephony applications will travel with you where ever you go and help you manage

all of your calls more efficiently.

Virtual Receptionist

This affordable, professional PBX gives your company a professional image, routes calls with voice commands and

Virtual Office Secretary

Call Screening, Voice Activated Voice Mail, Voice Dialing, File sending and recording and playback functionality are.

Virtual Interview Assistant

Virtual Question and Answer assistant that conducts pre-interviews and collects data from you callers..

Virtual Phone Numbers

Choose, Set up and deploy these toll free or

local phone numbers in minutes and point

them to any phone or speech application

How TeleCenter Works

TeleCenter offers low cost VoIP, Toll Free and long distance services to be used with all of our voice activated applications

The Ultimate Call Me Button

The ultimate call-me button. When

clicked it calls you and the number your callers enter and bridges the call


It's all

     for you.

The Next Generation of Communications Products for your business

Instant Web to

Phone Connections


Phone Numbers






Choose a local or toll free numbers,

and point it to any phone number or

speech application you want

The ultimate call-me button,  When

clicked it calls you and the number your callers enter and bridges the call

Instantly connects your caller to you using thier microphone and speakers