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How ADPool Works

Coupon/Deal Module


Coupons are a tried and true way of getting people into your store or business.


When they purchase online, it's a good bet that they will show up because they already paid for your special deal in advance.


These are special coupons because you can post them into hundreds of websites at any time and strop the promotion any time you want.

Special Offer Module

For businesses who do not wish to engage in discount marketing,

this special offering module will give you a platform to entice new customers with special events, original menu items or whatever you want to come up with.


These promotions will be marketing in different venues than the coupon promotions

A meal fit for a king. Get a 16 oz Prime Rib Steak with all the trimming including carmel garlic glazed sweet potatoes, and french harcourt verde with shallots. And also get a a great bottle of wine to accompany your meal. We are making this offer so that you will discover how great our food is and return over and over again.


You must purchase this in advance and make a reservation to get this offer

Prime Rib Dinner for four including a bottle of wine


not including tax or tip

Pay Per Call Module

These are lead generation modules that encourage new customers to call you.


They have an opportunity to hear your story and learn about you before they make the call, resulting a targeted high quality leads.


You bid for these calls similar to pay per click and are not charged untill you actually get  calls

Pay Per Play Module

This modual gives you the opportunity to sell your services by the minute, or whatever other time increment you desire,


You can also choose set specific times you are available to take call so you can turn drive time into revenue time and get new clients in the process.


Calls can be started for free and you can start billing any time you want by pressing a key on your phone.

Digital Download Module

Download here

If you have any kind of Intellectual property materials that you can sell via a download,


This module can give you an immediate way to collect money from customers and delivery your material.


You can even offer a revenue shares to other publishers and people who refer buyer to your promotion


Purchase now and dowload below


Charity Donation Module

American Red Cross




Attend a celebrity benefactor

dinner in selected cities

Donate Now

Donate for Sandy Marathon

The storm was devastasing and thousands of people are in need of your help.  Donationations are being collected here to provide blankets, shelter, food and medical treatment.

Get an "I helped" button

Your name gets listed on the

 "I hepled sandy victim" wall

If you want to raise money for your charity or good cause, this module is designed to present your story with multimedia presentations.


A rewards incentive is also included to encourage your supporters to donate.


When posting these modules, multiple publishers will get the word out for you.

Political Fundraiser Module

For Central City Council

Support Richard Smith




Get 2 favors after I'm elected

Donate Now

I am the greatest!.  If you vote for me I will lower your taxes make sure thsat your boss gives you a raise and give every one of you a free phone, free food and free gasolinne..

Get a "Richard Smith" button

Get honored at a election commitee fudraiser dinner

Running for office?


Have a measure that is important to you?


This political module will give your constituents a great way to meet you...and support you.