Why is everyone so

excited about talking

to computers

Speech Recogntion is now mainstream. Now you

can use your voice to talk to computers and get things done. Easier, Faster and Better. Because talking is the way that humans normally communicate

The Voice Internet bring this very cool technology to a whole new level allowing just about anyone to create and share interactive programs and audio content with everyone else. It's the Voice Internet.



How to Use CallWords with

Allows you to call a web page or video host and interact with your computer from your phone

Talk back to talk Radio

Interactive Internet radio shows where you control what you are listening to. Just talk and control all of the content. Also get free easy connections to ads.

How to Use SpeechOS

Voice Search

Use your voice to search for places to eat, deals, doctors, lawyers, fun place and everything else.

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How to use CallWords

with 800-555-5555

Call this easy number and say the CallWord you want Then get connected to whoever  owns the CallWord

What is the Voice Internet?

Voice Internet is a collection of voice activated applications for marketing and communications purposes


How to Use CallWords with a smartphone app

This app lets you easily use CallWords to place calls , use voice search or access host programs

How to Use CallWords on your computer

Access to CallWords, Host browsing and Voice Search programs  Also get free computer calls worldwide

How to use Host Guided Browsing Programs

Have an interactive virtual conversation with your favorite celebrities, radio hosts and expert guides who will guide you their favorite websites

Reality Information

Get expert advice on any subject. Be entertained. Talk with people you never imagined you could reach. Pay by the minute for tons of fun and information