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Being Remembered



So what are Domain Names for Phone Numbers?

Can you imagine having to navigate the Internet without website names (DNS)? Before website names there were only IP addresses.  It would be very difficult to tell someone to visit Google at because that is thier IP address.. But typing in  is so much easier.


The internet would have never gotten as huge as it has without domain names, because it's more difficult to remember numbers instead of words.


We came up with the idea of CallWords to make it easy to call someone if you don't remember or don't have their phone number.

It works so well with the Internet.  But we are still burdened with having to remember and use phone numbers to call  each other.  Shouldn’t making phone calls be as easy as visiting website?  Of course. Now it can and finally is!

CallWords are words that you can say to make phone calls instead of dialing phone numbers.

We were inspired with the vision of making it a lot easier to connect to each other by simply saying words instead of remembering, looking up, and having to dial phone numbers. So we created CallWords!

Numbers are so hard to remember, but words,  names and short phrases are easy.


Forgetting Phone Numbers? Smart Phone don't make you any smarter


Sure, everyone has voice activated dialing on their smartphone. But a smartphone can only dial the numbers of the people put in your phonebook. What happens when you misplace your phone or the battery runs out?  What if you need to call someone from a different phone and can't remember the number?


We used to have to dial and remember phone numbers., But now we only need to tap on a name.

As a result, we no longer make the effort to remember phone numbers.

Words are easier to remember than phone numbers !