Celebrity Revenue Generation

Host guided browsing offeres celebrites or any well know person with a following with a powerful new way to monitize thier popularity.

There are three ways for a user to arrive at content. The first is to actively search for it on a search engine like Google or Bing.


The second is to "discover" or stumble onto content via a link on another website, an e-mail from a friend, or a link shared on Twitter or Facebook,      



The Ultimate Presentation Tool

If you have a product or project that requires detailed explaination, a Host Guided presentation can make a big difference in the way you message gets perceived.


Host Browsing Program Demos

Here are a few examples of the kind of programming that can be available. Programs can be offered by celebrities, radio and TV hosts, sports and music favorites or by experts on just about any subject.

Becoming a Content Provider

Anyone can produce a host guided browing program. Record and post your own audio and videos, Choose webpages to shows and import advertiser who want to be included in your programs and shows.

Revenue Models

The main way you earn revenue to to drive traffic to web pages. Instead of clicking, your views say keywords instead. You get paid every time a page is viewed. You can also earn more by converting sales, connecting calls and endorsements

Use computer microphones and phones

Host browsing works with a VoIP connection and your computers microphone or you can dial directly into a program using any phone. As you talk into the phone the web will respond to your voice.

What is  Host Browsing?

It's very cool. You just talk to a webpage or a video and it will do what you tell it to do. Just say or click anything in the what you can say box.

How can Host Browsing promote me?

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Host Guided Browsing

"The third is a host internet guide who can refer and accompany users to content and websites. It adds a sense of continuity to web viewing and provides users with additional information, referrals, tips and endorsements

The big search providors are generating huge revenue providing targeted paid search results to advertisers.


But the way search works is changing. Google is about to flip traditional SEO on it's head.  SEO used to feed users result based on


search is not the only way to dirve traffice to websites.

The alterantive is Host Guided Browsing

Some People Prefer to be Guided

Search is a great way to find things on the internet, but it

does requre a bit of though to enter the right keywords. And search returns so many results that is can sometimes get overwhelming. Be guided to desitation and having an ongoing dialogue can be much more comforting.