Being Remembered

That's what CallWords are all about

Call 800-555-5555 and say


But they sure do

remember my CallWord

Miami Florida

They don't remember my name and they don't remember my phone number


How CallWords Work

CallWords are voice activated domain names. To use CallWords go a voice portal and say a directory and a CallWord to either get connected or access content.

CallWord Types

CallWords are located in different directories. "National," for anywhere cals "Local" for specific city and States or "Categories, like "automotive", "entertainment," or "travel".

Where to Use CallWords

CallWords can be use from Voice Portals. You can find one with a smartphone app, from computers at www.8005555555.com, or dial 800-555-5555 from any phone

Pointing and Configuring CallWords

CallWords can dial phone numbers, access webpages, or be directed to secondary speech applications. You can easily point your CallWord to a number of destiantions.

Why you want a CallWord

If you have a business, a CallWord will deliver more results from advertising and more calls from repeat customers. For individuals, no one will ever forget how to call you

CallWord Special Deals

For a limited time during pre-Launch, we are offering great deals on CallWords. Beat the crowds, get the deals and the CallWord you want while its still available

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