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Multi-media Business Profile

Here's a great tool to present your business. Once you complete your business profie, you can add contact info, photos and videos, even provide downloads for your potential customers.

How ADPool works

AdPool is a perfomance-based advertising program that allows you promote your deals and offers with absolutely no risk.  You never pay for results until

you get results    

Multiple Promotion Modules

Every business needs to promote differently, so we give you lots of choices and great suggestion to really get your business cranking. Create and publish your promotions and  .....

RealTime Control of your promotions

Here's what your promotion will look like. Now you can choose where, when, and how your promotions get displayed. You can ever choose much to pay and what your budgets will be.

Voice Search and Host Guided Browsing

These are the newest and most effective ways of

getting new customers. User will be able to interact with our systems using thier voice and discover a whole new way to find what they want

Your business is listed in 100's of sites

The ADPool is an affiliate advrtising network. That means that publishers all over the web  and in social media will promote your offers. They don't get paid until they deliver results

List View Search Results

When users searching, your listing may show in a list of relavent results. The listing is free, the click to your promotion is free. You only pay when you get the result you want.

Map View Search Results

For advertisers who have a physical location, we will include your lisitng in a special map view of relavent results. Then the viewer can go through all the offers that are closest to them.

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